Patient360 (Record Retrieval)


Patient360 enables developers to retrieve medical records for clinical purposes from data exchange networks such as CommonWell, Carequality and eHealth Exchange. This guide provides detailed instructions on how to use our API to search for patient records and retrieve clinical records from various data sources.

The Patient360 API is part of Health Gorilla's RESTful API suite and is based on HL7 FHIR STU3 and R4. Some custom resource profiles are defined and extension mechanism is used to introduce new attributes and operations that are absent in the original protocol.

Patient360 Workflows

Health Gorilla provides two main workflows for retrieving clinical records.

1. P360 Retrieval API

The P360 Retrieval API is the recommended workflow for most organizations and is a single API call to the Health Gorilla DocumentReference endpoint that handles the following processes:

  1. Auto-links your patient to any matching Person records in the CommonWell network.
  2. Queries all available health networks for your patient's clinical records.
  3. Retrieves the clinical records, deduplicates the records and imports them into the patient's chart inside your Health Gorilla tenant.

2. Advanced P360 Retrieval

The advanced p360 retrieval workflow requires making multiple API calls to complete a patient's clinical record retrieval. The advanced p360 retrieval workflow could be used in the following scenarios:

  1. Manual intervention can be used to link your patient to CommonWell Person records. (Manual intervention is required to match to CommonWell Persons that were unable to be auto linked).
  2. There is a need to retrieve documents from a specific organization or organizations only.