Creates a new FaxMessage resource with OUT direction and sends corresponding fax message to recipients


Send electronic fax that is:

  • originating from Organization with identifier d5da4352af2201ace56ca725 (subject to access rights validation) and
  • organization's location with identifier 931490546b89416ed64ff6a4.
  • use "(000) 000-1000" as your fax number (should match one of fax numbers assigned to organization)
  • to "(000) 000-0001" as fax recipient
  • consists of example.pdf contents and
  • of Document stored in Health Gorilla with identifier bfaf6a5b9e46e25e949e211b
    "resourceType": "FaxMessage",
    "sender": {
        "organization": {
            "reference": "Organization/tl-d5da4352af2201ace56ca725-931490546b89416ed64ff6a4",
            "display": "Dr. Doe Practice"
        "faxNumber": "(000) 000-1000"
    "recipient": [
            "faxNumber": "(000) 000-0001"
    "title": "My Fax",
    "content" : {
        "text" : "Sample"
    "attachment": [
            "file": {
                "contentType": "application/pdf",
                "data": "<BASE64 encoded contents of example.pdf>",
                "title": "example.pdf"
            "reference": {
                "reference": "DocumentReference/bfaf6a5b9e46e25e949e211b"

In order to get notified of faxes that could not be delivered by Health Gorilla to recipients (e.g. if recipient's phone line is busy or fax number is incorrect) you can register a Subscription resource.

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