Record Locator Service

The Record Locator Service (RLS) API provides a summary view for where the patient has received treatment and from whom. View the care organizations (e.g. hospitals, clinics) where the patient has received treatment, the labs or imaging centers where a patient has a result, and the providers that have been associated with the patient's care.

OAuth scope: user/ rls

/List?[parameter={value}]GETRead organizations and providers involved in patient's treatment.


codeTokenContains one or more comma-delimited RLS collection types.

Collection Types:

careorganizationsCare OrganizationsWhere the patient has been treated.
FHIR Resources: Organization
laborimagingLab or Imaging CenterWhere the patient has received Diagnostic and Radiology results.
FHIR Resources: Organization
providersProvidersPeople who have been or are involved in the patient's care.
FHIR Resources: Practitioner


Return care organizations involved in the patient's care, laboratories and imaging centers that produces diagnostic reports for the specified patient.,laborimaging