The RequestGroup resource represents a group of related requests that can be used to capture intended activities that have inter-dependencies. In Health Gorilla this resource used to describe a laboratory/radiology order.

FHIR Resource: RequestGroup

Required Profile

Supported Attributes

FHIR Operations

The following operations are currently supported:

1. Read

HTTP RequestMethodAction
/RequestGroup/{ID}GETRetrieve RequestGroup resource by ID

2. Search

HTTP RequestMethodAction
/RequestGroup?[parameter={value}]GETRetrieve RequestGroup resources by the specified search criteria


patientReferencePatient Identifier
identifierTokenExternal Identifier


2.1 Retrieve Order by ID

2.2 Retrieve Order by requisition ID| a5606c5b8998949c08f49526

2.3 Retrieve Orders by Lab Reference ID{{facility_id}}&identifier={{lab_reference_id}}

2.4 Retrieve Orders by patient and date

3. Create

Clients can submit new orders. Visit Diagnostic Network Guide for more details

4. Download PDF

You can generate a PDF copy of the record using the following request:

HTTP RequestMethodAction
/RequestGroup/{ID}/$pdfGETGenerate PDF

The result contains a link to a Binary resource (PDF) that can be downloaded.

    "resourceType": "Parameters",
    "parameter": [
            "name": "url",
            "valueString": ""
            "name": "contentType",
            "valueString": "application/pdf"
            "name": "size",
            "valuePositiveInt": 13081