An InstantMessage resource is used to describe a message between persons and organizations in HealthGorilla Application. A message is a composite object that contains a sender and recipients, a subject, a message body and attachments. Users may send and receive messages from physicians, practice staff, patients, and healthcare organizations.

An InstantMessage is designed to describe HealthGorilla Secure Messages and should not be used for other purposes.

An InstantMessage can contain DiagnosticReport, RequestGroup, DocumentReference, ReferralRequest as attachments.

FHIR Operations

The following operations are currently supported:

1. Read

HTTP RequestMethodAction
/InstantMessage/{ID}?_format=jsonGETGet message by ID

2. Search

HTTP RequestMethodAction
/InstantMessage?[parameter={value}]GETReturns DirectMessage resources matching the filter specified as a parameter


directionTokenOUT for outgoing messages and IN for incoming
identifierTokenInstantMessage identifier
_lastUpdatedDateReturn InstantMessage resources modified after the specified date. E.g. gt2019-09-05


2.1 Retrieve all incoming messages received starting from 09/05/2019

2.2 Retrieve InstantMessage resource with identifier of 35f3d35d12aa8d93dd9953c0