Clinical Notes

Health Gorilla allows developers to create new and import existing Clinical Notes using FHIR endpoints and resource profiles described in C-CDA on FHIR architecture.

See C-CDA on FHIR Implementation Guide

Clinical notes support is based on two FHIR resources: Composition and Bundle

FHIR Composition is used to describe Clinical Note document itself and FHIR Bundle is used to pack all related data into one message.

Supported Profiles

You can import Clinical Notes of the above types and export them from your Health Gorilla account.

Read existing Clinical Notes

  • Use FHIR Composition READ operation to read Clinical Note.
  • Or you can use FHIR Composition ‘Generate a document’ operation to take the Composition and all related data in one Bundle.

Create new Clinical Note flow:

  • You should pack all related data into single Bundle of type ‘document’. See FHIR Documents
  • Then you should execute FHIR Bundle Create operation (HTTP POST)
  • The operation outcome contains link to the newly created Clinical Note