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Error - Supplied Authenticator is unknown.

I was attempting to POST a new document to the DocumentReference endpoint using based on the API documentation and I got this error. ``` { "resourceType": "OperationOutcome", "issue": [ { "severity": "error", "code": "processing", "diagnostics": "Supplied Authenticator is unknown." } ] } ``` Based on the documentation it says that this field isn't required, once removed it started to give another error. ``` { "resourceType": "OperationOutcome", "issue": [ { "severity": "error", "code": "exception", "details": { "text": "Unexpected error occurred." }, "diagnostics": "AssignTo is null" } ] } ``` I finally got it working by assigning the Practitioner that is linked to the account where the token was generated from and only then this post went through. It seems like there're some discrepancies with what is __requiered__. Is there a way we can get more specific __required__ fields and what are the required sources if needed?

Create Item Models.

I was wondering if you guys had examples of POST for your endpoints. I would be good to know how much is available to post to HG and what is required. RequestGroup for example states "Clients can submit new orders. Look for a separate documentation for that feature." where can I find this document? If there is a way that we can have a preloaded patient with most of the fields prefilled with example data? This would allow us to query information and use it as an example to create new data.

Greyed-Out fields at HG website when uploaded with API

I have been testing the API and I recently uploaded an allergy to a patient. It seems that I cannot make any changes to the allergy on the H.G.'s website if it's uploaded with the API since it appears greyed-out. Is there a reason to this and is this something that occurs on other endpoints as well?

Is there any RxNorm, SNOMED, CPT or ICD endpoints?

I would like to know if there is an endpoint available in the API that offers RxNorm, SNOMED, CPT or ICD codes by term search.

This is awesome!

Love this new developer site and look forward to following the discussions! Health Gorilla